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Learn to Code with MINDSTORMS in this Class

Coming Soon: Learn to Code with MINDSTORMS in This Class

By signing up for unbrickme’s online class, you will gain all of the fundamentals of LEGO Mindstorms coding. This class combines a large collection of my knowledge and experiences into one, so you can easily get anything you want.

Once you enter, you will get access to a collection both videos and some text to go alongside. The videos will be split up into different lessons, and I will be adding more lessons as time goes on.

The lessons will primarily focus on creating code using scratch 3.0.

For now, there is no dedicated lesson about python, but it is something that is covered briefly in the class.

One you enter this free class, you will keep your access to everything and you will get the additional lessons for free! On top of that, if you’re having trouble with your LEGO mindstorms code you can’t figure out how to achieve a specific task, you can schedule an online meeting with unbrickme via Zoom to get 1 - 1 help. Consider this as a bonus reward for using my class! This class will go live on April 28th


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