The LEGO Movie 2 Rexcelcior - Set - 70839 Review

The Lego Movie 2 The Rexcelsior 70839

Hello, everyone, this is Unbrickme here with a look at The LEGO Movie 2 Rexcelcior or the LEGO Brofist which is perhaps one of the most anticipated sets of summer 2019 ever since pictures from Gizmodo for the London toy fair were shown! Surprisingly, this can shoot like a nerf gun or anything of that nature. I love the way it shoots because the six-spring loaded missiles are loaded into the machine just like a magazine. So, you can press the trigger six times rapidly without ever worrying about having to reload. The magazine is pretty bland, but it serves its purpose flawlessly, and because the Rexcelcior entirely covers this magazine, you don't have to worry about it looking ugly or out of place. Essentially, it just falls as the bottom missiles get shot as it's only held in there by gravity, no rubber bands or anything like that. On the back, there is a trigger that's pushing and pulling back a long technic beam. This beam comes up all the way to the front, and it just pushes the missile a little to the side to that it activates. This mechanism is ingenious and effective! Moreover, if we get this small front part out of here, you will see six more spring-loaded missiles here. I love that this Rexcelcior provides extra spring-loaded missiles because I always end up losing them and it's nice that the playability of the set isn't ruined just by losing a couple of rockets.


The front looks exactly like a LEGO brofist with its four fingers and the thumb on the side which can be articulated a bit. However, it only rotates on the one axis, so it isn't for articulation. When Gizmodo revealed the Rexcelcior of Summer 2017 for the London toy fair, I expected the entire hand to be able to fit inside the Rexcelcior and to have it go over your fist. Unfortunately, this isn't the case here. I believe that LEGO feared that people would put this on to their hand and use it to punch other people, using the same principle when they put on metal rings. This is understandable because LEGO is a kid-friendly company and they didn't want to promote any violence, and this fist is too big for the average hand anyway.

The Rexcelsior 70839

Now, you have probably noticed these weird stickers that say 16+, even though this set is targeted towards 10-year-olds. Maybe, in the LEGO world, it's legal to operate this vehicle if you are over 16. The front fingers have very bright detailing, and I like the use of various pieces. These sections honestly remind me of the UCS Y-Wing we got back in 2018.

-The right of the fist has a hidden, openable compartment. We can observe the friendly gym here with a yoga ball.  And on the bottom, we get a tiny little sound room because we all love music. Moving to the right, we get another compartment with Emmet's rocket house inside. Compared to the original house, this build is tiny, so one can only imagine what this set would look like if it weren't micro-scale. The set up with the openable compartments reminds me a lot of the Atlantis Neptune Carrier because that set also had similar features. In my opinion, the left is far more interesting because the entire panel opens up. On the top, we get a cute little Rexplorer, and a mechanical arm. On the other side of the dividers, we can see just a couple of more rex vehicles. On the bottom, we get a neat control panel and a weird, colorful station here.


I love the overall shape of the bridge; however, it does look pretty vulnerable to attacks. If we take its roof off, tiny rex and Emmet will be revealed. They're just so cute, and other than that, there is nothing too special with the bridge. We can also take the plates off. This micro-scale representation of the interior is an excellent "cherry-on-top" addition. At the front, there is a little control panel sticker on a cheese slope, which I wish was an actually printed element. There are also the 90-degree corner pieces to imitate chairs which is very creative, and if you want innovative micro-scale building techniques, go with this set. Overall, this section is nicely detailed, and it's one of the biggest reasons I highly recommend getting this set. Moving a little to the back, we can observe an entire skating ring with actual skates behind the control panel and at the end. I'm glad LEGO incorporated this; however, minifigures won't be able to skate here because this is just too small for them. But don't worry, micro figures would still be able to race on giant skateboards. Moreover, two blue baby velociraptors are drinking from a water fountain. In my opinion, they are a lovely addition to this set, and I think the tiny velociraptors are going to get valued by stop motion makers because they can quickly tell a story of a dinosaur.


The back of each side is a heavy cargo bay, and these panels look phenomenal. I like these stained lime green windows with the two exhausts on each side. I appreciate the thought put into this set and it looks like a UCS set instead of one that is targeted towards ten year olds. Opening the panel, we can see the cute velociraptors controlling the ship. I believe this one on the left is responsible for firing the missiles, and I must say this interior looks far better than what we saw in the Rexplorer. A couple more dinosaurs are consulting the primary control panel which has the positioning system, radar, and many more cool things of that nature. The other side is pretty much the same; some people might find that an issue, but I don't because I like symmetry.

LEGO Movie 2 Rexcelcior - Set - 70839

On the top, there is also a lovely rear spoiler. I don't think this is used to stabilize the craft because it's the only airfoil I see here. There aren't any wings or rudders in this spacecraft. Most likely, this is primarily a space-craft, and it won't perform efficiently inside of an atmosphere. I like the way it's designed because it complements the overall shape and it's a beautiful addition. In my opinion, it is spot on, and I really can't imagine the Rexcelcior designed another way.


Now we have finally made it to the back which features four gigantic engines. Just look at how the engines completely dwarf the micro-figures. One can only imagine what this would look like in real life. The bottom two engines can articulate left and right. This is a necessity to accurately control the Rexcelcior; however, only the bottom engines can move, not the top ones. So, this really should be treated as a capital ship because it's not maneuverable. I like the pieces used to decorate the engines because they remind me of turbo-fan engines in real airplanes. The giant engines are a great addition to the set, and they give it its iconic look.


It's a true behemoth for only $150; with that, you get 1,826 pieces. That's pretty much a steal because you're only paying 8 cents per piece instead of the usual 10. As of right now, you can only buy this set at Target because they released these sets an entire month early. I recommend calling as many targets as you can in your area because I had to call ten different Targets to find one that has this set.

The Lego Movie Rexcelcior Set

Now, let's observe the minifigures. I love Emmet because his facial printing is exclusive to this set; because of this, he is my favorite minifigure of 2019. There is nothing special with Rex Dangervest.


This is your Unbrickme here, and I'll see you in the next one.