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Tutorial: Babka

LEGO Mindstorms Babka

Babka is one of my favorite LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor projects I have created. This amazing robot was heavily inspired by Laurens Valk’s NXT Hopper robot, as it walks using the same exact concept. Babka moves with the help of the walking frame and the middle 5th leg. When the walking frame is up, the 5th leg is on the ground. The 5th leg is also connected to a turntable, so whenever the legs are up, the 5th leg simply turns, and that’s how the robot turns. Please watch the following video to see how the robot moves.

The code very simple, as it’s just an obstacle avoidance program. Whenever Babka sees an obstacle closer than 53 centimeters, it will randomly turn either left or right, and then continue walking.

Best of all, you only need a single LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 51515 kit, since it contains all the required parts!

Please download the building instructions and program below.

Building instructions:



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